Fermenting with Friends – Dosa & Idli Speical

Learn to Create Soft Idlis and Crispy Dosas with Cleo

Join us for our next demonstration kindly provided by Cleo Gommes, who will guide us through the process of making these two popular Indian dishes. Soft idlis and crispy dosas are made from a simple batter consisting of fermented rice and lentils.

Cleo will tell us about the history of Dosa and Idles, She will share her experience of them being made in India and now as a mother making them with her family. She assures us that they are easy to make and are both gluten and dairy-free.

Don’t miss the opportunity to taste these delicious dishes along with a variety of accompanying chutneys. We won’t be comparing them to any shop-bought products, as these traditional recipes have not yet entered the commercial world.

If you have any questions or have had success with your own fermentation techniques, be sure to bring them along.

To secure a place at the workshop please email me at info@nutritionbyrosie.co.uk .

Price is £15 per person – cancellations will only be refunded 48hrs+ before the event.

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