I strive to ensure that the work I do with people will deliver the solution they hope for to enable them to manage or overcome their condition. I never explicitly discuss client details outside of the meetings we have but some have been kind enough to offer testimonials regarding the work we have done together and the results we have achieved and I have included these below.

Digestive issues

Rosie has been an amazing help to me.  She listened carefully to my symptoms and spent time with me working through what was going on.  Through discussion and trying different supplements we tried to solve my digestion issues.  Rosie spent time researching my symptoms and came up with information that the doctor had previously dismissed.  This has further led to hospital investigations and a solution.  Rosie is always available to help and happily answers emails, which is invaluable especially when the going gets tough.  I cannot thank or recommend Rosie highly enough for her professionalism, knowledge and caring service.

RS, Thame

Support for digestive issues

Rosie devised a practical eating plan and recommended supplements for my digestive issues. This combination provided immediate help in my case. Although I struggle to stick to the plan the whole time I feel more in control of my condition now. I have also re-assessed my family’s diet and her ideas and recipes have helped me to introduce healthier ‘snack choices’ for my children. We all love her cheesy flap jacks and savoury seeds. She is a calm and supportive person; exactly what is required when discussing these matters. During our sessions I always felt relaxed and never embarrassed to be talking about things that are so often un-mentionable.

ST, Oxford

Help with energy levels and IBS

Rosie gave me advice on 2 matters: managing my fluctuating energy levels and reducing bloating from IBS. She carefully researched the best treatment options to help me self-manage each issue. Her suggestions were practical and easy to follow, so I was able to stick to them successfully whilst getting better. She tailored her advice to me personally, thinking through the most practical options for my lifestyle and budget. Rosie has not only resolved my immediate issues but has also given very useful advice about how to eat in a nutritious way that is also enjoyable and tasty.  My quality of life has improved considerably as a result.

VS, Thame

Skin and digestion help

I went to Rosie as I needed some advice in regards to my skin and stomach health.  Rosie made a comprehensive assessment of my existing diet and lifestyle where she asked some things that I wondered if they were even relevant.  It turns out they were relevant and Rosie helped me to understand what could be contributing to my problems and choose a vitamin programme along with some dietary changes that proved to make a big difference to me.  Both my skin and stomach health are far better than before and I’d recommend her services to anyone seeking some help in these areas.

SC, Chinnor

Digestive support using elimination diet

I am following the FODMAP recommendations and taking the supplements recommended by you all of which I am sure have been helpful to me. You were very organised and gave me lots of information which I keep at close hand to remind me what I am supposed to be doing. I can honestly say you helped me get back on track in an empathetic and gentle suggestive manner.

Christine, Aylesbury

Comfort and Support

Rosie is a real comfort and support when you have gone through a whole gamut of health experts over years,  and none come up with any particular convincing diagnosis!

She is attentive, patient, reassuring and professional;  a real fount of knowledge when it comes to diet and nutritional support, not to mention interesting recipes!  I am now much more careful about what I eat!   After each session Rosie invests careful effort and time to study your case, and her research  of appropriate health products is of real value.   Her follow up by email is helpful as it is precise.  If you have any queries, she will always attend to your inquiries by return of email.  Nothing is too much trouble. As a client you feel that she is there for you.

In short, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to friends.

LL, Long Crendon

IBS – high levels of Candida species

I felt helpless after being told by many doctors that I had IBS and just had to ‘deal with it’. I started seeing Rosie around a year ago and can honestly say it was the best decision I have ever made for my health. Without her I would not be at the point I am today and cannot thank her enough.Rosie took a personal interest in finding a solution and resolving my gut issues. Even though I was at University for the majority of the time and therefore not in the area, she was always supportive and available via email or Skype when needed. She provided comprehensive consultations with breakdowns of supplements and dietary choices to make.I thought I was living with IBS and I would be having to cope with my gut issues for life, I now know my symptoms were caused by a combination of candida overgrowth and wheat intolerance – with Rosie’s help I now have no symptoms and couldn’t be feeling better. I had never heard of candida overgrowth let alone knowing how to overcome it. Rosie provided me with invaluable knowledge of supplements, lifestyle and diet choices. With her help I have been able to overcome candida overgrowth, meaning I am back to a normal level of gut health.I would recommend Rosie’s services to anyone suffering with gut issues.

NB.  In this case high levels of Candida were verified by a stool test which enabled specific protocols to be used to re-balance gut micro-biota.

BA, nr Thame

Help with energy levels in client with Fibromyalgia and Coronary Heart Disease

I contacted Rosie as a last resort because I did not know where else to go to help me sort out my tummy issues. I had been struggling for a long time with what I assumed was IBS, as well as suffering from fibromyalgia and coronary heart disease.  Health issues were out of control with a viscous circle of fatigue and vagueness, constantly tired, and not performing well at work, so much so I had to reduce my working week from full time to 3 days; it was all too much for me. On top of this I then started suffering from a change of bowel habit from less than 1-2 times per week to 5 times per day, I really felt as if I was on a downward spiral and that I had to accept this was how it was going to be for the rest of my life! What a thought as I am only 58, so I did some internet searching and found Rosie, and am I so glad I did. She has completely changed my life; she was so empathetic and caring, and put me on the road to recovery. She seemed to know exactly what was going on. She invested her own time into researching the side effects of many of the medications I am on, and could see the impact they were having on me. She started me on supplements, advised my about diet and how food groups work, encouraging me to exclude certain groups and then add them back to find out what is happening with my gut. Within a few weeks of starting the supplements I began to feel better, was less tired and had more energy. I was eating different food groups and understood the need to add more vegetables to my diet and over a period of 6 month plus, I have seen Rosie and my health and life style changes have continued. I am following her guidelines (most of the time) I do regular exercise now, (something I did not have the energy to do) have lost 1 stone in 6 months (because I was not on a diet, I just got healthier and had more energy to MOVE). I am now back at work and continue to feel well something I had not for a long time, so thank you Rosie, without you I do not know where I would be now. I will continue to follow her guidelines and know she is always there if I need support in the future. Thank you, Rosie.

SWB, Haddenham

Better mood, better sleep

Rosie effectively helped me understand and manage my symptoms based on the challenges I have experienced with food. Testing alongside easy-to-implement practical advice, support and supplementation has definitely helped me make much better food choices and understand how to include specific ingredients to prepare balanced and nutritionally beneficial meals for me and my family. The impact to date has been better mood, better sleep and more enjoyment of food as a family.

KD, Thame