Fermenting with friends – Kombucha & Kimchi

As chosen by the people! We are going to focus on these 2 popular ferments.
Kombucha is traditionally made from Green tea, fermented using a SCOBY, thats a Synbiotic Culture of Bacteria and yeast. Many other variations on the theme are made, Chamomile tea being a personal favourite. Nettle tea another option – get collecting your nettles!
Kimchi originates from Korea but many other counties have made it their own. Made by fermenting Chinese cabbage with a paste of Chilli, garlic and ginger ++++ various other ingredients
I’ll bring what I know to the evning including a demonstration and tasting, but I’m hoping for a few people who have made these ferments to come and compare recipes. knowledge and their own ferments to taste.
If you are new to this game then come along and learn its really not that hard.

If you have tried something from our previous session and want help there will be time to ask questions.

Tickets are £15
Please email me info@nutritionbyrosie.co.uk to reserve your place. 

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