Free exploratory call

Please feel free to arrange a free 20 minute call to discuss the suitability of this therapy.

Preparation for a consultation

If you want to go ahead I will send you a comprehensive questionnaire including a 3-day food diary, which I would ask you to return at least three days before the consultation. This will allow me to understand your current status and allow me to do any appropriate analysis.  The consultation will last between 60 and 90 mins. I am seeing clients virtually using Zoom to enable me to show you information it is best to have access to Zoom via Laptop or computer. If you have a particular preference to meet face to face I can see clients at The Practice in Thame, Oxfordshire.

The consultation

During the consultation, I will ask further questions and explain what I think the most appropriate next steps are.  We will discuss a personalised diet and lifestyle plan to ensure you understand what is required and why, so that you are confident in achieving it. I will suggest nutrient supplements that are appropriate for you.  If appropriate, I will also recommend diagnostic testing that will help us to further understand your health.  Such as stool analysis, looking at digestion, absorption, bacterial balance and metabolism or saliva tests look at hormone levels.

Moving forwards

I will ask you to apply the therapy for 3-6 weeks and return for a follow-up appointment where we will review your progress and make appropriate revisions to the protocol. This is important as Nutritional Therapy is not a magic pill and although improvements may be experienced after a few weeks, lasting changes may take several months or more.

I will provide email support between appointments, please see my expectations for this here.

What’s in the questionnaire?

  • The questionnaire will ask you to list any current health concerns, or, if you don’t have specific concerns, then your goals or reasons for seeing a nutritional therapist can be put here instead.
  • It is important to include your current medication and details of recent tests you may have had.
  • It is useful to have information on your medical history, family history, symptoms you are currently experiencing, and your lifestyle
  • Finally, a three-day food diary and further questions about your diet, including your likes and dislikes.

Hopefully, you will find it straightforward; a lot of my clients find it a useful part of the process. It is not meant to be arduous, but simply a way of gathering information ahead of the consultation. If necessary, I can talk you through it.

My questionnaire is a fillable PDF, so can be filled out online, saved, and emailed back to me or you can print it out and fill it in by hand post it to me or scan and return it to me. If you would prefer I can post you a copy too.

Consultation Fees

After an initial consultation, you will be offered a discount when paying for 3 or 5 sessions. All consultations are followed with an email detailing the protocol agreed in the consultation

  • Initial Consultation £105
  • Follow up appointments 50 mins £60
  • Follow up appointments 35 mins £35