Fermenting with Friends – Miso Special with Kojiworks

Naoko Graydon will be our expert for this month’s meeting. She is a miso sommelier and owner of Kojiworks, a Thame-based enterprise that specializes in promoting the benefits of authentic Japanese fermented foods.

Naoko regularly holds workshops on how to make Miso and has an in-depth knowledge of Japanese fermentation.  

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Naoko started making Miso 17 years ago in order to pass on the family tradition of miso making to her children.

She says “It’s so easy to make and so good for you.”

At the workshop, she will demonstrate how to make Miso, although the fermentation time is 9-12 months!!, she will provide her finished product for us to taste and compare with other wildly available brands.  

We will present together some information about the fermentation process, nutritional benefits, history, and science behind this traditional ferment. Naoko will also answer any questions that you have about miso.

For those that wish to make their own miso at home, Naoko will also be selling homemade miso kits that contain instructions and all the ingredients you need to make ~1kg of miso for £25 (plus an optional container for £3 for those that need it).


 To secure a place at the workshop please email me at info@nutritionbyrosie.co.uk .

Price is £15 per person – cancellations will only be refunded 48hrs+ before the event.

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