IBS – high levels of Candida species

I felt helpless after being told by many doctors that I had IBS and just had to ‘deal with it’. I started seeing Rosie around a year ago and can honestly say it was the best decision I have ever made for my health. Without her I would not be at the point I am today and cannot thank her enough.Rosie took a personal interest in finding a solution and resolving my gut issues. Even though I was at University for the majority of the time and therefore not in the area, she was always supportive and available via email or Skype when needed. She provided comprehensive consultations with breakdowns of supplements and dietary choices to make.I thought I was living with IBS and I would be having to cope with my gut issues for life, I now know my symptoms were caused by a combination of candida overgrowth and wheat intolerance – with Rosie’s help I now have no symptoms and couldn’t be feeling better. I had never heard of candida overgrowth let alone knowing how to overcome it. Rosie provided me with invaluable knowledge of supplements, lifestyle and diet choices. With her help I have been able to overcome candida overgrowth, meaning I am back to a normal level of gut health.I would recommend Rosie’s services to anyone suffering with gut issues.

NB.  In this case high levels of Candida were verified by a stool test which enabled specific protocols to be used to re-balance gut micro-biota.

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