Help with energy levels in client with Fibromyalgia and Coronary Heart Disease

I contacted Rosie as a last resort because I did not know where else to go to help me sort out my tummy issues. I had been struggling for a long time with what I assumed was IBS, as well as suffering from fibromyalgia and coronary heart disease.  Health issues were out of control with a viscous circle of fatigue and vagueness, constantly tired, and not performing well at work, so much so I had to reduce my working week from full time to 3 days; it was all too much for me. On top of this I then started suffering from a change of bowel habit from less than 1-2 times per week to 5 times per day, I really felt as if I was on a downward spiral and that I had to accept this was how it was going to be for the rest of my life! What a thought as I am only 58, so I did some internet searching and found Rosie, and am I so glad I did. She has completely changed my life; she was so empathetic and caring, and put me on the road to recovery. She seemed to know exactly what was going on. She invested her own time into researching the side effects of many of the medications I am on, and could see the impact they were having on me. She started me on supplements, advised my about diet and how food groups work, encouraging me to exclude certain groups and then add them back to find out what is happening with my gut. Within a few weeks of starting the supplements I began to feel better, was less tired and had more energy. I was eating different food groups and understood the need to add more vegetables to my diet and over a period of 6 month plus, I have seen Rosie and my health and life style changes have continued. I am following her guidelines (most of the time) I do regular exercise now, (something I did not have the energy to do) have lost 1 stone in 6 months (because I was not on a diet, I just got healthier and had more energy to MOVE). I am now back at work and continue to feel well something I had not for a long time, so thank you Rosie, without you I do not know where I would be now. I will continue to follow her guidelines and know she is always there if I need support in the future. Thank you, Rosie.

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