Fermenting with Friends – Shio Koji Pickles & Nabak Kimchi

Fermenting with frineds

We are looking forward to this next event. I am very excited about what we have lined up for you.
Naoko, from Koji Works, will be leading the session where she will introduce us to some of the wonders of Koji a unique fermented ingredient that is used to make Shio Koji. She will demonstrate how this can be used to make
Shio Koji pickles.
She will explain more about koji and how it is used in many traditional Japanese seasonings/condiments such as Miso and Soy sauce. She will explain why Shio Koji is so beneficial for our health and how else it could be used in the kitchen.
We will also demonstrate the very straightforward method to make a particular type of Kimchi known as
Nabak Kimchi or water kimchi.
Using the brine method to combine thinly sliced radish squares and other fruits and vegetables. It’s easy and refreshing, great for the summer!
Do join us and tell us how you’re getting on with your Kombucha or Kimchi from last time, feel free to bring along products you’ve made or questions you have.
Please email me at info@nutritionbyrosie.co.uk to book your place.
Tickets £15
Naoko & Rosie

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