Brain Health – Introductory talks


– Cost £10 –

The Studio, The White House,

Aston Hill,

Nr Watlington,

OX49 5SG

Monday 13th January 8 pm 2020


Thursday 16th January 10 am 2020


This talk will reveal the most important factors which affect brain function and mood. It will explore a range of important topics including diet, physical activity, stress and sleep.  Relevant research in each area will be translated into practical steps that each one of us can take to optimise our cognitive function and mood, as well as reduce our risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease as we age.

Key insights from this talk include:

  • The main factors that affect brain health and cognitive function
  • Key nutritional strategies for maintaining energy in the brain and preventing dementia
  • The link between the gut and the brain, and how to optimise this
  • The critical role of sleep in brain function, and simple steps to optimise sleep
  • How to use gentle physical activity to boost mood and mental function

This self-contained talks will introduce you to the benefits of the 6 week Brain Health programme.  The talk will last approximately 1hr 15 minutes with time for questions afterward.  Read more about the Programme here.

Feedback from previous introductory talks:

“I found Rosie’s talk informative and interesting and an eye opener!  Supported by statistics, the talk provided lots of information that I was unaware of with Alzheimer’s.  Yes I am definitely going to implement some lifestyle changes”

“Talk was great, very interesting and good evidence and back-up for the claims.  Its made me think about my diet and that of my children too.”

“Very informative, lots to think about.  I am sure it would be beneficial to anyone.”

Please contact me if you’re interested and can’t make the talk this will help me in planning future talks.

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