Fermenting with Friends – Vegetables

This evening will be the first of many, I hope, we will learn together about fermented foods. So whether you are new to fermenting or you already have experience this event is about sharing our knowledge and experience. As this is the first in-person event I will introduce the concept of fermentation and discuss what it is everyone is particularly interested in. This first meeting will focus on the fermentation of vegetables (& fruit).
I will demonstrate how to make Sauerkraut with a Korean twist and explain some of the different methods used across the world to ferment cabbage. As well as explaining how other vegetables and fruit can be fermented.
There will be some shop-bought and homemade ferments to taste.
I will also explain the all-important health benefits of eating fermented foods.
A great chance to meet like-minded people at an informal event. Please bring your experience and your questions and let’s start fermenting.

Venue: Red Kite Family Centre – 99 Southern Rd OX92 Thame, UK

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