Fermenting with Friends – Vegetables

Fermenting with Friends Event

This evening will be a repeat of the event I held in September. For those that couldn’t make it, I hope, we will learn together about fermented foods. So whether you are new to fermenting or you already have experience this event is about sharing our knowledge and experience.

I will give an overview of fermentation, what it is, its history, and its health benefits. Focussing on the processes involved in fermenting vegetables.

I will demonstrate how to make Sauerkraut using the dry salt method and will also show you how to make Kimchi – explaining the differences. As well as explaining how other vegetables and fruit can be fermented.
There will be some shop-bought and homemade ferments to taste.

A great chance to meet like-minded people at an informal event.

Please bring your experience and your questions and let’s start fermenting

Email info@nutritionbyrosie.co.uk to book your place

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