Fermenting with Friends- Drinks & Yoghurts

Fermenting with friends drinks special

This evening we will explore Kombucha ( fermented green tea) and Kefir, both water Kefir and Milk Kefir. We will also touch on making our own Yoghurt.

I will talk through the processes involved in making these products. I’ll take a look at the health benefits and share current research on these fermented products.

I hope to demonstrate some of the above and talk through all the processes involved. I’ll have handouts showing simple recipes with the aim of giving you the confidence to try them at home. There will be a chance to taste a variety of shop-bought and homemade Kombuchas, Kefir, and yogurt.

For those of you who have been experimenting at home, if you would like to bring some of your creations, there will be a chance to show and tell!

A great chance to meet up again or for the first time.
Please bring your experience and your questions and let’s start fermenting.

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