Meaty moments – sausages

Well this is going slowly. I feel I have “come out” by admitting and talking to people about my decision to eat meat and this is definitely a first step and has resulted already in an expectation to eat meat. One of my main reasons to give up meat was I didn’t want to have to eat it, as someone who eats meat you aren’t automatically given a choice when you go to someones house. Anyway having tried a small amount of chicken, nice curry, still not sure about the chewy texture, I decide to go for something really tasty. A good sausage, if my memory serves me correctly I always enjoyed sausages. Only I think 25 yrs might have distorted my memory of things and quite frankly this isn’t really doing anything for me.

Looking on the positive the encouragement I am being given will encourage me to stick at this. I believe, “bit of self coaching”, you can learn to like things they say it can take up to 20 times of trying something before you like it. This rule is often applied to children, is this a longer process for adults? I am reminded as I tuck into some mackerel today, it has quite a meaty texture and over the last 3 years I have been eating fish I have grown to like it more. I expect it is a lot about mind as well as lack of familiarity.

A good book I have read on this subject is secrets of feeding a healthy family by Ellyn Satter not a short read but full of little gems.

“Changing your attitudes is difficult, but it can be done. How do you change your feelings and attitudes about eating? Acknowledging those attitudes is most of the battle.”

I actually think its quite exciting prospect to be massively broadening what I eat, yet I’m very aware how much I enjoy the food that is more familiar.

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