Email Expectations

A respectful note on email correspondence outside of appointments: 

 In order that I may best manage my clinic appointments and do the research that each patient requires, I need to have clear parameters regarding email communication outside of scheduled appointments.

 Regrettably, I am unable to respond to frequent or lengthy emails, and multiple questions between appointments as this quickly becomes impractical for me to manage alongside my existing workload.

 If you have a short query, or a yes/no answer question then I am happy to reply. 

 If you are sending me an update email, then know that I will read it and am happy to hear how you are getting along, but may not be able to respond.

 Please write your questions down, or email them to me ahead of time to be answered and addressed in your next scheduled appointment.

 If a symptom occurs in between appointments that you are concerned about, please see your primary care physician.

If you have any of the following symptoms, please consult your primary care physician immediately:
Persistent or unexplained pain;  unexplained bleeding or discharge from nipple, vagina or rectum;   blood in sputum, vomit, stool or urine;    breast lumps; calf swelling;    difficulty swallowing;    excessive thirst;    increased urination;    unexplained sudden weight gain or loss; loss of appetite;    paralysis;    slurred speech;    unexplained bruising, or rash;    black tarry stools;    painless ulcers or fissures; bleeding in pregnancy, shortness of breath.           

 If you think you’re reacting badly to a supplement please discontinue it, make thorough notes and let me know via email. I may make a suggestion or we will discuss this at your next consultation. If you think you are reacting badly to a food please stop eating it, take thorough notes and we will discuss it at your next appointment.